Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dogs Can't Do That, Redux

Scamp, my 7 year old, 7 pound dog hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner.  That's not unusual, I know.  But he's done something about it!  He's learned to pull the plug out of the outlet on the wall.  As you're vacuuming, suddenly the vacuum goes off.  Sure enough, he's pulled the plug again.  We've watched him do it.  He pushes the plug down with his paw until it becomes loose enough to pull it out.


  1. LOL, now that's a smart furry! BTW, I'm Storm Chase from Goodreads.

    1. Love the feedback! Keep it coming! This blog is a small preview of the book I'm writing about dogs. Want to be a reader for me? Am I too stuffy or too anything on myh blogposts?